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Ostia Antica - TheatreOstia is definitely the place to explore for people who are passionate about history and archaeology.
You only need to stroll amongst the Ostia Antica ruins to become aware of the importance of this unique archaeological site.

The name Ostia derives from the Latin word Ostium, or “river’s mouth”.
And it is the actual proximity of the river Tiber that gave rise to its development in ancient Roman times, allowing it to develop into a large trading town, where people from different cultures and religions lived peacefully together, almost on a par with its neighbour Rome.

An experienced guide is needed when visiting the entire archaeological site, due to the numerous places of worship and entertainment , the houses, taverns, mosaics and other interesting features which are all still perfectly preserved today.

The Necropoli di Porto is just as beautiful and historically important and can be found in the Isola Sacra area which belongs to the Fiumicino Municipal District and is very close to Ostia Antica. About 150 tombs have been discovered there and public access to some of them is possible.
Still in the Isola Sacra area, a booking can be made to visit the Porto di Traiano, which was built by Emperor Traiano in 98 AD to replace the previous Porto di Claudio and around which the ancient port town was built.
We would also like to mention the following places of cultural and historical interest:

  • The Castle of Giulius II and the medieval village of Ostia Antica
  • The Villa di Plinio in the grounds of the beautiful nature reserve of Castel Fusano
  • The Museo della cultura popolare e dell'artigianato scomparso (Museum of Popular Culture and Crafts from the past) in Acilia which is where the ancient settlement of Ficana once stood.
And there is still much more, not forgetting that Ostia is only a few kilometres from Rome, the eternal city, where you can take a once in a lifetime journey back through past centuries and earlier civilisations.
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