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Castel Fusano Park The area between Fiumicino, Ponte Galeria, Ostia Lido, Ostia Antica, Infernetto, Acilia, Vitinia, Casalpalocco, Castel Fusano and Capocotta has been designated a State Nature Reserve of the Roman Coastline, for which a decree was made in order “to safeguard its precious naturalistic and historical-archaeological value” .

The Reserve includes many different kinds of landscapes and habitats.
There are rivers, beaches, parks, archaeological areas…all on hand for visitors who cannot but marvel at the uniqueness of this area.
The exceptional beauty of the Castel Fusano Park is conspicuous for the presence of different varieties of flora and fauna, which are typical of the Mediterranean coasts.

Different routes can be taken on foot, by bike, or on horse-back in order to admire the rich vegetation and visit the remains of the famous Villa di Plinio.
The Villa which is very close to the sea and the Via Severiana, dates back to the Giulio-Claudia period, and has undergone substantial alterations throughout the various ages, up to the last extension which took place in the II century AD.
The thermal baths and the mosaics at the entrance to the Villa should not be missed.

There is the famous Capocotta beach for beach lovers and enthusiasts of wild nature in particular, which extends for many miles along the Roman coastline from Ostia to Torvaianica. This is one of the few stretches along the Lazio coastline where the coastal dunes have remained intact, unlike other areas where roads, factories, houses and parking areas have taken over.
You can totally relax here, sun bathing and swimming, listening to good music or sipping a cold drink in the shade of one of the small kiosks dotted along the beach.

Not far from Capocotta and the Castel Fusano beach is an area which is paradise for divers and fishing enthusiasts: the Tor Paterno Sandbanks.
The sandbanks are like an underwater “city”, populated by many animal and plant species and: a real island at the bottom of the sea.
Supervised submersions are organised throughout the year thanks to diving centres based in Ostia.
And whilst talking of the sea we cannot leave out the nearby islands off the Roman coast:
Ponza and Ventotene.
Each year the two pontine islands excite thousands of visitors with their breathtaking rocks, the clear waters surrounding them, the small hidden inlets and the turquoise coloured caves.
The best way to see these little pearls of the Mediterranean is by sailing boat.

Boats of different sizes and types can be rented from organisations based in this area and there are numerous organised charter trips, particularly on summer weekends.
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